Missouri Jiffy Lube Draws Attention with Humorous Signs

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Oil changes are not known for being funny, but the Jiffy Lube on Providence Road is quickly building a reputation as the business with the most memorable signs in Columbia, Missouri.

Location manager Cody Baumert started getting creative with the store's advertisements in 2017, with a sign that read, "The Catalina Wine Mixer of Oil Changes. - Huff and Doback."

"I think that's the one that sticks in everybody's mind, the one that's the most successful," Baumert said. "That one was really the first when I started to go the comedic route with the signs, and it definitely left an impression."

Of the four Jiffy Lube locations in Columbia, the one on Providence Road is the only one to utilize humor in its sign. MFA Oil, which owns Jiffy Lube, gives Baumert free reign over the sign, which is designed for advertisements. He said he's grateful for that.

Baumert said it allows employees to have fun while they work.

"It's so much better for them if they change the sign knowing it's going to be something fun," Baumert said.

The sign has aimed to appeal to a variety of people with a variety of interests. References range from Game of Thrones to the Olympics to the NCAA Tournament.

"I like to think I'm a funny guy," Baumert said. "I try to make people laugh. And it's fun for my guys too, because they come up with ideas, too, and I try to use them when I can."

On his main source of inspiration, Baumert said it comes down to one movie.

"I've probably seen Wedding Crashers 200 times," Baumert said. "That's always the starting point. I love comedies like that. They just resonate with me."

Baumert said he's proud of his creations, sending pictures of each memorable sign to friends and family.

"Most of the time, the response I get is, 'How do you even have this job? How do they let you run this location?' But it's all been positive feedback, really," Baumert said.

The sign has even brought in customers all on it's own.

"I've had my guys say people came in just because of the sign," Baumert said. "They say, 'Hey, I only stopped because the sign was funny. Let's change my oil.' And that's great. If I can have a little fun and gain a customer out of it, that's what I'm going to do."

This story, by Mackenzie Huck, first appeared on komu.com

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