Former "Top Gear" Hosts in Talks With Netflix

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If a report from The Daily Mirror is correct, the former hosts and executive producer of the BBC's Top Gear are preparing a new series with streaming giant Netflix that will be called — wait for it — House of Cars. We motion that the first star in the reasonably priced car be Kevin Spacey, although only if he's in character as Frank Underwood.

Now, take this all with a grain of salt, and not only because it comes from a tabloid like The Mirror. The three hosts were most recently seen meeting with the director of television at BBC rival ITV, meaning they're likely cultivating a number of options to get back on the tele. Both ITV and Netflix have long been rumored as eventual destinations for the three hosts.
But a source that The Mirror identified as a "pal" of the former TG team indicated that there could be trouble with a move to ITV. The broadcaster relies on advertising revenue, unlike the Beeb and Netflix, which are funded by the license fees of British citizens and subscriptions, respectively.

"The headache with ITV is going to be the potential conflicts of interest with advertisers. What would they do if Jaguar or Volvo had a sponsorship deal but they wanted to berate its latest new car?" the source told The Mirror. "Jeremy doesn't like being told what to do. It could cause huge arguments."

What do you think? Is House of Cars a brilliant name, or a bit silly? If you don't have Netflix already, would you sign up if Clarkson, Hammond and May make the jump? Let us know:

This article originally appeared on MSN.

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