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Drive-Over Inspection


Tire Profiles, LLC recently released the TreadSpec 2.0, the latest upgrade to the company’s original non-stop, drive-over system.

The upgraded features for TreadSpec 2.0 include a first-of-its-kind, durable, composite construction that won’t be affected by the harsh environmental conditions found in service drives and repair shops. The new design has a lower profile on the above-ground version that is easier for customers to drive over and will enhance any service drive with its futuristic look. TreadSpec 2.0 also features a patent-pending system to deflect water away from the system, reducing or eliminating the need for cleaning.

TreadSpec 2.0 is a drive-over system that provides a complete tire and alignment diagnostic. Vehicle service center customers drive over TreadSpec when entering the service drive. The system captures tire diagnostics in one easy step and outputs a single-page, proprietary report for the consumer that includes tire tread depth and recommendations on tire alignment/rotation.

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Install a Wiper in Under 10 Seconds


Clix Wipers just released a game-changer for the quick lube industry. Clix Wiper Blades are a new category of wiper blade — a click-on wiper blade.

Installation, which is an issue for mechanics, techs and consumers, is done in under 10 seconds. With a lot of tech turnover at quick lubes, Clix offers a wiper program that cuts down on training issues. Clix has also cut out all of the unnecessary clips in each box. Every other wiper on the market comes with several different clips in each box that are wasted — and they add complexity for technicians who must determine which clip installs on each car. With Clix for the quick lube and installer markets, replacement blades are available individually, and boxes of clips can be purchased for the shop. It’s easy, saves time, saves money and reduces waste.

Clix Wipers are available in the Clix Precision-Fit 2-Pack, Clix Professional 10-Pack, Clix Wholesale Replacement Wipers (no clips) 10-Pack, Clix Wholesale Starter Wipers (clips included) 6-Pack and Pink Plus Clix Precision-Fit 2-Pack.

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Heavy Duty Shop Cart


The Snap-on 36-inch 6-Drawer Heavy Duty Shop Cart is engineered tough with exclusive hard-on-the-inside, soft-on-the-outside bumpers, as well as monoprene casters. The cart also features 24-inch depth, with a 22,000 cubic-inch capacity, including pry bar-length tools; a flip-lid, available in either stainless steel or truck bed liner; and a side panel to hold shelves and hooks for easy access to needed tools and equipment. A spacious seven-inch deep top compartment houses a convenient power strip with cord wrap for charging tools and USB devices to keep work flowing smoothly throughout the day. The cart features the Snap-on signature SpeeDrawer with customizable, color-matched divider system for small parts and tools and is available in 13 vivid color combinations, including new matte green and matte orange.

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Four New Tools to Increase Efficiency


OTC has added four new tools to aid in servicing cooling, pressure and vacuum systems. The new tools are designed to help technicians prevent damage and leaks when diagnosing issues, and aid in testing and monitoring the vehicle’s pressure/vacuum and cooling systems. The tools are all covered by OTC’s lifetime warranty and are available now. The new tools are:

  • 6875 Vacuum/Pressure System Tester: The two-way vacuum/pressure system tester can diagnose leaks in pressure or vacuum systems immediately. The patented design includes an intuitive rotary dial and high-quality silicon hoses to allow for easy and quick switches between pressure and vacuum test modes.
  • 6976 Cooling System Refilling Gun: The cooling system refilling gun incorporates deep vacuum technology to remove airlocks when refilling the cooling system, eliminating the need for system bleeding and interchanging hoses. With universal attachment onto most radiator and header tanks, the tool allows technicians to pull air out of the coolant system easily while new coolant is added without any spills or waste.
  • 6977 Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit: The pressure test kit eliminates the search for the right cap adapter, with a universal approach. The hand pump features an easy-to-read pressure gauge, with a padded base to prevent vehicle scratches, and a 36-inch pressure hose with quick-connect.
  • 6978 TestVac Vacuum Test Kit: The vacuum test kit allows for fast and efficient testing and monitoring of many vacuum-operated components. The new kit helps technicians find vacuum leaks, test fuel, engine valves, exhaust valves, door locks and heating or cooling system performance. The kit allows for a one-man brake bleeding job. The kit includes a vacuum pump, fluid container, transfer cap, hoses and fittings, all packed in a convenient and accessible blow-molded case resistant to shop chemicals.

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New Blade Part Numbers


Trico Products Corporation has added three new part numbers to the Trico Classic wiper blade line.

This line is engineered to fit classic car models ranging from the 1940s to the 1960s. Trico Classic wiper blades are designed with a silver finish and metal frames to resemble the original equipment blades on these vehicles when they came off the factory line.

In an effort to accommodate the demand for this blade style, Trico has reintroduced 16-inch and 18-inch Trico Classic blades, as well as added a new 13-inch blade to complete the offering.

The full line of Trico Classic wiper blades now includes lengths of 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 and 18 inches.

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POS With Built-In Texting


Mitchell 1 has continued to enhance its productivity solutions by introducing text messaging features in its Manager SE shop management system and SocialCRM shop marketing products.

With this new feature, shops can easily connect with their customers before, during and after the service.

The new text-messaging feature in SocialCRM gives shops the option of using automated text messages to remind customers about upcoming appointments and also to send a thank-you after the appointment, with an invitation and link to write a review about the shop. The text-messaging feature streamlines customer communication efforts with outgoing texts and email notification of text responses from customers that the shop can respond to directly from the SocialCRM dashboard.

The latest release of Manager SE (version 7.5) introduced a new MessageCenter option with integrated two-way texting. Shops have the choice of building their own text templates for orders, appointments and revisions, or writing on-the-fly text messages to customers when needed.

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Oil For the Newest Mercedes Engines


The newest car engines by Mercedes require a very special oil. The new Top Tec 6300 0W-20 by Liqui Moly is one of the first oils to be officially approved by Mercedes for them.

The current E-Class models by Mercedes require such an oil, as do several models in the C and S-Class. These include diesel vehicles as well as gasoline and hybrid vehicles. Top Tec 6300 is officially approved by Mercedes (MB 229.71). Top Tec 6300 is not just suitable for new Mercedes models, but also for Jaguar and Land Rover models (STJLR.51.5122).

Top Tec 6300 is low-viscosity and low-ash. This means that combustion residues of the oil do not burden the exhaust gas treatment systems. With a different oil, for example, the diesel or gasoline particulate filters would quickly become blocked and have to be replaced.

Top Tec 6300 is so special that it cannot be used for other vehicles. If it is poured into an engine that is not designed for it, there could be heavy friction and even engine damage.

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