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New Quick Lube Management Software

Droptop recently announced the launch of its new quick lube management software in North America. Perfect for shops or mobile oil change businesses that need a solution on the go. Droptop has created a shop management solution that is cloud-based, mobile friendly and contains seamless data integrations. No expensive hardware is required — with Droptop you can run your entire business with virtually any hardware. The new solution provides speed, informative data and business insights that are leveraged to grow businesses faster. Seamlessly run multiple locations with multi-shop functionality, while also comparing key metrics across each shop to identify opportunities for improvement. Also increase efficiency with a bay screen that lets your technicians collaborate in real time.

Droptop was built specifically for the quick lube industry with the intention of simplifying operations and driving business growth. Droptop is achieving this goal with partner shops that are providing real-time feedback, allowing them to continue innovating their product to ensure it is best in class.

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Field Re-Calibratable Service Gage

Milton Industries recently introduced a new 900 Series Field Re-Calibratable Service Gage that provides patent-pending Quick Click accuracy. Each click of the calibration tool adjusts the psi by plus or minus 0.25.

The Field Re-Calibratable Gage has a range of 10-160 psi. It features corrosion-resistant chrome-plated brass tubular body and a premium black anodized aluminum indicator bar. An extended-reach chuck and offset head make it easier to measure tire pressure at almost any angle. A simple hanging hook allows for easy access wall storage.

The 900 Series Gage is designed for precise measurements and daily use. The 900 series is a rugged, handy tool for any shop.

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Same Product, New Application Method

Lucas Oil Products, Inc., recently announced the introduction of a brand new offering in its product line, Red ‘N’ Tacky Spray Grease.

The spray grease is a high-quality grease in a convenient aerosol package. The application is ideal for putting grease in those hard-to-reach areas. The product is excellent for cars, trucks and RVs. It can be used wherever grease is the preferred lubricant.

Lucas Oil’s Red ‘N’ Tacky Spray Grease meets nearly every demand found with regular greases. The testing conducted on the grease had to meet Lucas Oil’s strict product standards. Red ‘N’ Tacky Spray Grease will cling to applied surfaces, is resistant to water washout and has a broad temperature use range.

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A Powerful Impact

Ingersoll Rand recently introduced the IQV20 W7152. The W7152 delivers 1,500 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque and 1,000 foot-pounds of max torque. Designed with the automotive technician in mind, the tool’s compact 8.1-inch length from tip to tail, combined with the 360-degree shadowless task light, provides exceptional access and increased visibility in hard-to-reach spaces.

The tool has four power and control settings. Each setting operates at maximum reverse torque, so technicians don’t need to switch settings to remove a stubborn fastener. The IQV power control system gives automotive technicians the power they want and the control they need to complete jobs accurately and quickly. The compact brushless motor transfers energy efficiently, delivering accurate torque for repair and maintenance applications including work on transmissions, suspensions, sub-frame bolts, transmission pans, struts and more.

The W7152 has four power and control settings: max power, half power, wrench tight and hand tight. Each setting operates at maximum reverse torque, so technicians don’t need to switch settings to remove a stubborn fastener.

The impact wrench features a chemical-resistant composite housing and a patented steel-reinforced frame to withstand the harshest working conditions. A steel reinforced frame and an optimized internal mechanism provide technicians with the power they need without adding extra weight to the tool. Its 20-volt battery is compatible with the Ingersoll Rand IQV20 Series battery system. The shadowless, LED task light has four settings for high-, medium- and low-light environments, as well as an off mode. The W7152 is also available with a two-inch extended anvil for use on tires.

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New Premium Wiper Blade

Bosch recently announced Focus as the newest addition to the windshield wiper blade product line, designed to provide optimal night clarity and enhance safer driving. Bosch Focus is available at O’Reilly Auto Parts stores nationwide.

The new premium windshield wiper helps to reduce blur with NightView ultrasonic welding technology, which fuses the blade and base connector form a single core construction and provide uniform wiping stability across the entire length of the blade. Additionally, glare is minimized using ClearMax 365 rubber technology, featuring a flexible dual synthetic rubber blend and precision-cut polymer edge to create an optimal wipe angle. The technology also promotes a longer product life, as it protects the wiping edge from ozone deterioration, extreme weather and road debris.

Focus is equipped with a NightSpoiler, combining a water-repelling polymer compound and a light-absorbing charcoal powder. The spoiler helps to repel water droplets and minimize ice buildup for extreme all-weather safety. A SafeCheck indicator alerts users when it’s time to check the wiping performance of their blades to ensure safer driving in rain, sleet and snow.

Offering broad compatibility, the Focus windshield wiper blade includes several connectors such as the new Denso Top Lock, u-hook, side lock, top lock and pinch tab.

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Next Generation of A/C Handling Systems

Mahle Service Solutions recently unveiled its next generation lineup of ArcticPro A/C handling systems to safely and precisely process R134a and R1234yf refrigerants.

The newly designed machines include four units (ACX2180, ACX2180H, ACX2150 and ACX2120H) to recover, recycle and recharge vehicles equipped with R134a refrigerant. Two new units (ACX2280 and ACX2250) are available to service vehicles that are factory filled with the new R1234yf refrigerant.

The sleek, newly designed high-performance units are smaller in size than previous models, taking up less space in shops. The machines include a popular Mahle feature: an ergonomic, hinged cabinet service door for easy access to all internal components. The cabinet door can be opened single-handedly to conveniently access what is under the hood. No disassembly of components is needed.

The units also feature a large 7-inch capacitive LCD touch screen and an intuitive user interface so technicians can navigate menus with ease. Each unit is fully automatic, so the machine can run virtually unattended to allow technicians extra time to perform other duties. A bright LED indicator light at the top of the unit comes on when the service is completed and is easily visible from afar.

A convenient iOS and Android capable phone app allows technicians to remotely mirror A/C service sessions and other advanced functions like push notifications. The added benefit of Wi-Fi capability ensures the software on each unit is up-to-date with all the latest functional software enhancements available.

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New Lift Line

Dannmar Equipment Inc. recently introduced a collection of seven new automotive and truck lifts, including several that roll away when not in use. The patented collection of lifts has rugged steel construction, automatic safety locks, dual direct-drive technology, truck and van adapters, double and triple telescoping arms and industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders. Some of these lifts can even fold and hang on the wall when not in use. The seven new designs include, the revolutionary MaxTilt, MaxMoto and MaxJax; the rugged and dependable M6, D8, D10 ACX and D10 LC; and the top-of-the-line heavy lifter, D12 CX.

With their patented roll away feature, the MaxTilt, MaxMoto, MaxJax and M6 can easily be stored when not in use, allowing for dual use of the shop space. In addition, these versatile lifts can be set up outside when needed and stored after use. These units can be easily used in the shop when a temporary lift is needed that can be rolled away to open a bay as required.

The collection of lifts features single piece columns, recessed anchors, easy-to-use stackable adapters and can handle between 2,500 pounds to 12,000 pounds, depending on the unit selected. Many of the lifts were designed for a wider configuration, allowing doors to open easier on the vehicles and provide more clearance and ease of access for anyone working on them.

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