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New Grease Gun

Macnaught Americas recently introduced its K32-01 Flexigun manual grease gun. Offering an industry-leading warranty, this grease gun delivers best-in-class cost of ownership.

The Flexigun’s variable-stroke piston and valve arrangement facilitates one-handed operation. It is fully serviceable and features a heavy-duty stepped barrel and durable zinc handle for long service life and improved grip. The tool includes the KY Supergrip three-jaw, high-pressure coupler for positive connection and utilizes a 12-inch flexible extension to access lubrication points. The Flexigun’s output pressure ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 psi with output volume of 0.02 ounces per shot. Compatible with standard 14-ounce grease cartridges, the tool also is bulk fillable with NLGI No. 2 grease.

The grease gun utilizes screw fasteners for simple servicing, and its filler bleeder requires no tools to open. The tool’s plunge rod can be locked into the follower for easy bleeding.

For more information, call 813.628.5506 or visit:

Full Synthetic DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Red Line Synthetic Oil recently launched its RL-600 Full Synthetic Brake Fluid. Formulated using the highest-quality esters, RL-600 is ready for use in road vehicles, race cars, off-roaders and motorcycles.

RL-600 is a DOT 4 brake fluid engineered using a strict combination of Borate Esters and Glycol Ethers, in addition to specific moisture and corrosion inhibitors, for exceptional performance under any condition. Brake fluids of all kinds are subject to moisture absorption throughout their lifecycles, and that moisture can reduce the fluid’s wet boiling point, lowering its effectiveness. Red Line’s RL-600 combats this problem with the use of components that reduce moisture absorption.

Repeated hard braking, such as in race conditions, generates a great amount of heat and places the brake fluid under immense pressure. Both conditions can be detrimental to the operation of the brakes, as the brake fluid can boil and become compressible, leading to vapor lock and brake fade. RL-600 is developed to resist these issues and maintain lubricity, compressibility and viscosity under the most extreme conditions at the racetrack or on the street. The fluid has a dry boiling point of 604 F and wet boiling point of 400 F, far greater than the minimum requirement for DOT 4 brake fluids. Additionally, Red Line’s RL-600 can blend with DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake fluids, delivering more responsive and consistent pedal feel.

For more information, visit:

A/C Handling Systems for R134a and R1234yf

The next generation of ArcticPRO A/C refrigerant handling systems from Mahle Service Solutions are now available for sale.

Two units (ACX2280 and ACX2250) are available to service vehicles that are factory filled with the new R1234yf refrigerant. Four units (ACX2180, ACX2180H, ACX2150 and ACX2120H) are available to recover, recycle and recharge vehicles equipped with R134a refrigerant.

The high-performance units are smaller in size than previous models taking up less space in automotive shops without compromising performance. One of the most popular features is an ergonomic, hinged cabinet service door for easy access to all internal components. The cabinet door is gas-strut assisted and can be opened single-handedly for simple unit maintenance.

Five of the six new models feature a large 7-inch capacitive LCD touch screen and a state-of-the-art, intuitive user interface, so technicians can navigate menus with ease.

All units feature fully automatic operation, allowing them to run virtually unattended so technicians have extra time to perform other duties. A bright, easily visible LED indicator light at the top of the unit comes on during use to indicate machine status and when the vehicle service has been completed. A convenient phone app, supporting IOS and Android devices, allows technicians to remotely mirror A/C service sessions and other advanced functions like push notifications.

The added benefit of Wi-Fi capability ensures that the software on each unit is up-to-date with all the latest functional software and feature enhancements available. A remote technician screen control feature allows MAHLE’s technical support team access to a unit over Wi-Fi for advanced troubleshooting and support.

Data management and reporting metrics are included on the new ACX models with touch screen. They can log activity and errors during services, allowing for analytics, proactive service reminders, refrigerant use optimization, warranty reporting and other functions

A refrigerant identifier to ensure that the proper refrigerant is being serviced is integrated on the ACX2280, while an internal identifier with a separate sample hose is available on the ACX2250 eliminating the risk of internal contamination of the unit. Both units service R1234yf vehicles.

Several models have an oil system management function to provide automatic weighing of recovered and injected oil, allowing accurate replenishment of oil removed during service. Built in network printing from the unit interface can generate full-page service reports or emailed reports for customers. Optionally, built in thermal printers are also available.

For more information, visit:

New Subscription Option Makes Lift Safety More Accessible and Affordable

It’s easier than ever to make sure every technician in a shop receives training on the proper use of vehicle lifts. Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) is now offering an annual subscription option for its popular “Lifting It Right” online lift safety training course. An annual facility-wide subscription allows everyone in a single location to take the course as often as needed throughout the year.

This option makes it easier for facilities to train new employees, provides a significant cost savings for larger organizations and simplifies payment. Another new pricing option for the online course is a lower rate for vocational students or schools.

An annual subscription is $240 per facility location. The new student rate is $10 per person. Standard pricing is $16 per participant for the English version of the course and $24 per participant for Spanish.

“Lifting It Right” covers proper lifting practices for all types of vehicle lifts. The online course can be taken on a computer or mobile device. Most people finish it in an hour or less. At the end, a certificate of completion is stored online for easy access if a shop needs to produce training records. The course helps facilities comply with national and local safety training requirements.

Lifting It Right is available to order at: Once registered, the trainee can take up to 90 days to successfully complete the program, including an online test.

For more information, call 607.756.7775 or visit:

Protection Against Particulate Matter, Nitrogen Oxides and Allergens

Mann+Hummel provides effective protection against allergens, harmful gases and particulate matter with its Mann-Filter FreciousPlus cabin air filters.

Mann-Filter cabin air filters in original-equipment quality frees the air from outside the vehicle of nearly 100-percent of particles and harmful gases. The Mann-Filter FreciousPlus filters out particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of 2.5 micrometers, almost completely. For comparison: These particles are up to 30–40 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair. Its sources include the abrasion of tires and brake disks. These minute particles can penetrate deep into the lungs. Ultrafine particles can even enter the bloodstream via the pulmonary alveoli and can cause respiratory diseases and cancer.

In addition, the FreciousPlus cabin air filter adsorbs unpleasant odors and poisonous gases such as nitrogen oxides and ozone. This reduces the nitrogen oxide concentration in the vehicle interior.

The biofunctional and antimicrobial coating on the FreciousPlus also traps the allergens that can be released from pollen as well as blocking the growth of bacteria and mold fungi.

For more information, visit:

FA-4 Engine Guarantee

Following the recent second anniversary of the American Petroleum Institute’s licensing for FA-4 oils, Phillips 66 Lubricants made a major endorsement of FA-4 10W-30 oils by extending the company’s product quality guarantee to protect heavy-duty fleets against lubricant-related failure in the engine when using Guardol FE 10W-30.

With more than 92 million miles of field testing on Guardol FE 10W-30, Phillips 66 has proven the FA-4 product, like CK-4 oils, offers excellent wear protection benefits, but with the added benefit of increased fuel efficiency.

Guardol FE with Liquid Titanium is formulated with a blend of synthetic and high-quality Group II base stocks and a proprietary low-SAPS additive system to provide outstanding engine protection in late-model diesel engines. It is fortified with the exclusive Liquid Titanium protection additive for enhanced oxidation resistance and protection against wear. This additive enhancement provides increased engine protection despite the lower HTHS requirements of FA-4.

The warranty means Phillips 66 will pay for parts and labor deemed necessary to repair damage to engines if the damage was caused by lubricant-related failure.

The warranty will require: engines are used under normal over-the-road operating conditions and serviced with Phillips 66 Guardol FE 10W-30 (API FA-4); lubricants are changed as specified by the engine or equipment manufacturer maintenance schedule; written documentation or maintenance records are provided that show the engine or equipment was serviced and maintained at regular intervals as specified by the manufacturer; the proper lubricant level has been maintained in the engine or equipment through documentation of frequency of oil make-up.

The Guardol FE product is warranted for use in 2010 and newer Detroit Diesel engines and 2014 and newer Cummins, PACCAR, Navistar and Volvo/Mack engines.

For more information, visit:

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