5 Ws of the 2015 Fast Lube Operator Survey and Oil Change-Plus Survey

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We’re changing things up a little this year, and we want to make sure all our readers are aware of the changes with the 2015 Fast Lube Operator and Oil Change-Plus surveys. In the past, these survey results have been published in the September and November magazines, respectively. This year, unless you complete the 2015 Operator Survey questionnaire or are a premium subscriber, you won’t receive the results.

Here’s the 5 Ws (you remember those from English class, right?) to help answer some questions you may have.


What exactly are we talking about? The Fast Lube Operator Survey results are traditionally published in the September issue. These results cover many operating metrics in the fast lube business. Last year we debuted our Oil Change-Plus Survey, which covers many of the same metrics, just in the oil change-plus segment of the industry. In 2014, the Oil Change-Plus Survey results were published in the November issue.

However, things are changing for 2015. Only operators who complete the 2015 survey questionnaire or purchase a premium National Oil & Lube News (NOLN) subscription will receive the survey results.


Who should fill out the survey questionnaire? Any owner, operator or manager of a preventive maintenance or automotive service/repair facility. Whether you’ve been in the business for 25 years or 25 days, we need your responses to help us get an accurate gauge of the industry, so please complete the survey questionnaire.


To calculate the results of these surveys, we depend on answers from our readers. A 2015 survey questionnaire was polybagged with the May issue of NOLN for you to complete and return to us. Or, if you’d like to complete the survey questionnaire online, you can do so at: www.surveymonkey.com/s/NOLNSurvey15 If you misplaced the printed questionnaire from your May issue, simply call us at 800.796.2577 and we will get a new one sent to you.


The completed survey questionnaire is due back to NOLN by Friday, June 26, 2015, to give us time to tabulate the results.


This may be the most important W of all!

In past years, we have provided full survey results in the printed September (Fast Lube Operator Survey) and November (Oil Change-Plus Survey) issues of NOLN. This year, the only way you will receive the results of the 2015 Fast Lube Operator Survey or the 2015 Oil Change-Plus Survey is if you complete the survey questionnaire or purchase a premium NOLN subscription. If you want to be sure you can compare the statistics of the industry with those of your business, please be sure you either (a) complete the 2015 survey questionnaire or (b) purchase a premium subscription.

If you have a username and password that you use to access our special subscriber-only features on the website, then you do, in fact, have a premium subscription. However, just because you have been receiving a printed issue of NOLN for many years, we can neither guarantee you have a premium subscription nor can we guarantee you will receive the 2015 Fast Lube Operator or Oil Change-Plus survey results.  If you would like to inquire about the status of your subscription, please call Sheila at 800.796.2577 ext. 205.

If you would like to purchase a premium NOLN subscription, you can subscribe online or call our subscription hotline at 800.796.2577.

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