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The goal of NOLN is pretty simple: We want to provide you with the latest information and most progressive strategies to help you improve your business. We try to do that in a number of ways, and this month’s edition of the magazine showcases a couple topics on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Our main feature, “Ripple Effect,” takes a deep dive into the International Maritime Organization’s new 2020 regulations that will lower the threshold for sulfur emissions from ships—thus changing the options for fuel. Among the expected impacts of the regulation is a substantial decrease in the use of recycled motor oil for marine fuel; meaning, this could impact your ability to sell waste oil. 

The second feature story in this month’s issue, “Personnel Wealth,” looks into the unique program Jiffy Lube of Indiana has implemented at its nearly 50 locations to help promote internal employee growth. I won’t give away the details of it here, but it stems from the belief that a company’s greatest opportunity for reaching new levels is to help its people do the same.

Two features, both written by associate editor Matt Hudson, but with two very different topics. Still, both serve the same purpose. Now, I wanted to bring this up as a subtle reminder of all that goes into making a business successful. There’s no single, silver bullet to kill off your problems. There’s no magical recipe for crafting a sustainable, thriving business model. So many different factors impact your ability to succeed. Our goal at NOLN is to provide content that takes that larger, holistic view of your business, and still delivers tangible, real-world solutions for you to implement. The only way we accomplish that goal is by helping you accomplish yours. 

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