Facebook Workplace Raises Prices

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July 16, 2019—Workplace, Facebook's platform for businesses and other organizations to build internal communities and communications, is changing its pricing tiers, how it charges its users and the services it provides customers, reported TechCrunch.

The changes will take place in September.

Up until now, Facebook Workplace basic version was free, with an enhanced premium edition costing a flat $3 per active user, per month.

The standard tier is getting rebranded as Workplace Essential and will still be free to use. The premium tier is being named Workplace Advanced and getting charged $4 per person, per month. And Facebook is introducing a new tier, Workplace Enterprise, which will be charged at $8 per person, per month, and will come with a new set of services specifically around guaranteed, quicker support and first-look access at new features.

And second, they are specifically prices for people who access Workplace as general “knowledge workers” — marked by having email addresses and specific job functions. Frontline workers — for example cashiers or baristas or others mostly on their feet all day helping customers — will be an add-on at $1.50 per person per month, also regardless of whether they are active or not.

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