Survey: Lofty Expectations for Connected Technology

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September 11, 2019—Metova, an IoT solutions provider, announced the results of their second annual survey revealing the sentiment of over 1000 consumers on connected automobile technologies. 

Notably, technology/infotainment now outpaces power, interior design, and seating and storage capacity, and is on par with exterior design and ratings and reviews as a deciding factor in purchasing a new automobile. In addition, the survey reveals, only gas mileage, reliability, and price are more important than technology/infotainment when considering the purchase of a new vehicle.

"The connected car is no longer a futuristic luxury, but rather a real expectation and often a deciding factor among new car buyers," said Jonathan Sasse, president, and CMO at Metova. "As consumers continue to incorporate connected technology into their everyday lives, it becomes critical that automobile manufacturers and dealers, both established and new, take note and provide their customers with the facilities, features, and connectivity they have become accustomed to."

Key Connected Automobile survey findings include:

  • Nearly 1 in 5 buyers would walk away from a new car purchase if it didn't include the expected technology, even if it had everything else they wanted, such as price, brand, design, and fuel economy
  • Bundled connected vehicle services remain of high value, with 2 out of 3 car respondents saying that they would switch to a comparable service provider (music, for example) from one they currently use simply for the convenience of being included in their vehicle by default
  • Nearly 86 percent value technology as part of the purchase for a new car 

For an infographic with more detail on the survey findings, visit

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