Changing the Oil on a Brand New Supra

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September 26, 2019—Canadian auto shop Touge Tuning shared a how-to video for changing the oil on a the 2020 Toyota Supra.

The process is straightforward enough. After draining, the tech uses a Mann filter, which is replaced toward the rear of the engine with access below the hood. The new Supra is powered by a BMW inline six-cylinder engine, and the tech notes that Mann's filters are up to BMW specs.

The engine takes 6.5 liters of engine oil, and in this case the tech put in 5W-30 LiquiMoly full synthetic rather than the OEM-recommended 0W-20.

"Because our vehicle sees a lot of track time and testing and hard driving situations, we're going with something that offers superior protection versus the 0W-20, which is more of an economical fuel economy-type blend," the tech says in the video.

Checking your fill level on the Supra isn't as straightforward as the rest of the process. The engine isn't equipped with a dipstick, so a person has to run the car, get it up to operating temperature and then use the car's computer to check the oil level and see it on screen. It's a neat process, though it seems less efficient than the old-fashioned method.

Finally, the video ends with a quick tutorial on resetting the oil life monitor. Watch the whole thing below:

Image: Toyota


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