Tips to Keep Your Bays Organized

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Jan 10, 2019—It's a bit early for spring cleaning, but your shop wouldn't look so great if you only cleaned once a year, anyway.

RelaDyne's blog came with three good tips for keeping the pit area neat and tidy. Here's a summary:

  • Label your inventory. Different oils, greases, parts, filters and anything else needs to have clear, distinguishing marks so pit techs can work quickly. Maybe it requires a really nice label maker.
  • Invest in a lube rack. There are a lot of products out there, but the key is that they're purpose-built for pit techs to have inventory, tools and waste disposal close by. 
  • Provide ample recycling and trash receptacles. No one wants a bunch of filter boxes strewn about. Do the environment one better and have recycling set up clearly next to the trash.

See the full list via the link above. For a little more on lower bay tips, check out the September article, "Leverage the Lower Bay."

Photo: Lucas Oil Center

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