Toyota Creates Off-Road Sienna

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Toyota is in the midst of relocating its North American headquarters to Plano, Texas, on the outskirts of Dallas. It's a huge deal for Toyota, of course, and for northern Texas. But if you don't work for the company or live in the area, it may be of less interest to you personally. Fortunately the Japanese automaker had something more exciting to showcase while it was presenting the plans for its new campus.

What you see here is a vehicular mashup the likes of which we've never quite seen before. You might call it a crossover or a hybrid, but those have different (and very specific) connotations when it comes to automobiles. It's billed as the Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle, and it basically puts a Sienna body on a Tacoma truck chassis. It's also obviously been beefed up some as well, with a jacked-up suspension, off-road rolling stock custom bumpers, reinforced wheel arches and side sills, auxiliary lighting, a matte black finish, smoked headlamps and tinted windows.

It's set to be showcased at the SEMA show later this year, but in case the look of it didn't convince you, the UUV is built to run. It's set to take part in the North American leg of Toyota's Ever-Better Expedition that's designed to put the company's employees out on the road in the cars they make.

This article originally appeared on MSN.

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