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April 13, 2020—Companies have released products amid the coronavirus pandemic that appeal to the cleanliness and social distancing aspects of current times.

True Brand announced two new cleaning products. Its True Clean "Multi-Surface Germicidal Spray" and True Clean Advance-70 hand cleaner are both rates at 70-percent isopropanol, which is a CDC guideline for such products.

Similarly, Lubrication Specialties announced its own line of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It will be donated to local essential workers, according to a press release.

"We are currently bottling the hand sanitizer and hope to start distributing it next week," said brand marketing specialist Eric Trimble in the release. "We will be giving it away for free to our local hospital and healthcare workers, nursing facilities, over-the-road truckers and we will be placing a bottle in every shipment of Hot Shot’s Secret product we send out the door."

In the touchless service area, announced in its own press release a standalone text-to-pay platform. It allows shops to send customers a text message or email that provides a link for service payment, skipping the in-person point-of-sale process.

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