This Week in Advanced Vehicle Technology News

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April 22, 2020—In this week's advanced technology news report, ADAPT explores how 2020 automotive trends are affecting the future of mobility technologies and what shops can do to prepare for repairing ADAS on vehicles.

In technology-related news, BMW reported that building an autonomous vehicle is challenging because the automaker needs to preserve about 92 years of car-building history while also adapting to new technologies. 

A new study of insurance claims data also revealed collision avoidance systems are reducing more crashes as the technology improves.


Adapting Shops for ADAS

I-CAR's Bud Center talks about specific areas of expertise that will benefit technicians in the ADAS future.

Inside the Development of Connected Car Networks 

A new standardization has introduced direct communication modes that standardize how vehicles communicate with everything around them and increase the ability to support advanced driving features.

Telematics Growing and Offering Smart City Benefits

Telematics offers the ability to provide feedback on risky driving behaviors, which could prevent the bad behavior in the future.


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This Week in Advanced Vehicle Technology News

This Week in Advanced Vehicle Technology News

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