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Nu Euro Oil

Nu-Tier Brands Inc. recently announced its GulfTEC® Full Synthetic Euro Engine Oil. The oil is OEM-approved, protects against varnish and sludge build up and is capable of optimized drain intervals.

It’s available in two viscosity grades: 5W-40 and 5W-30. The 5W-40 features these Porsche A40 and MB-226.5/229.3/229.5 approvals, and is approved under the VW standard 502.00/505.00 in gasoline, diesel and turbo charged engines.  It meets, exceeds and provides dependable performance for BMW Longlife-01, Audi, Opel GM-LL-B-025, Renault 710-700 and PSA B71 2296 Peugeot and the newer European ACEA requirements of ACEA A3/B4-12 and API SN.

For more information, call 800.566.4853 or visit:


Strongway and a Wrong Way

Northern Tool + Equipment has launched a new line of lifts and jacks exclusive to their Strongway brand.

The quick lift jacks feature a fast-rising design that bring up loads five times faster than traditional jacks. They include a built-in safety overload system to prevent use beyond rated capacity and have handle padding to protect vehicles from damage. Caster wheels provide stability and easy positioning.

The hydraulic aluminum quick lift service jack features a durable, yet lightweight aluminum construction and is available in two-and-a-half-ton or three-ton lift capacities. The dual pistons take seven strokes to reach maximum lift. Built-in side-carrying handles make moving the jack easy while the low profile stance makes it ideal for use under lower vehicles.

The hydraulic dual-purpose, dual-height hybrid service jack can be used as a low profile, two-ton model or three-and-a-half-ton jack. It has an extra large, removable saddle that can be rotated 360 degrees for versatility. It also has a padded handle, tool tray and adjustable pull pin and swivel casters.

The hydraulic engine hoist and load leveler can handle up to 4,000 pounds and features a four-hole position reinforced boom, enabling four different load capacities.

For more information, call 800.221.0516 or visit:

Save Time

AGS recently unveiled its Kledge-Lok Repair System. The professional A/C tubing and hose repair system eliminates the need to wait on OE replacement parts, requires no welding or soldering and saves time by repairing most vehicle makes and models. The slim design makes reaching difficult places easier.

The system consists of unions to splice and connect tubes to hose and block-offs. The fittings repair all diameters of tubing and hose. The unions are manufactured using specified aluminum alloy, making them corrosion-proof for permanent repair. Strict tolerances of each union make sure each repair is pressure-rated and tested to 2000 psi.

For more information, call 800.253.0403 or visit:

Green Clean

SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent is the latest product introduced by American Green Ventures. It’s available in the United States and Canada and made from 100-percent renewable organic material.

SpillFix absorbs hazardous liquid spills on contact, including oils, fuels, solvents, paints and chemicals, enabling faster, cleaner, safer and more effective clean up with minimal downtime. It’s dust free, non-abrasive and doesn’t leave a residue behind.

Reuse SpillFix to clean up more than one spill, and then throw it in the regular trash — it’s landfill safe.

For more information, call 919.535.8278 or visit:

Hit the Road

Westmor Industries recently completed the engineering, manufacturing and assembly of its first tower-style, delivery model, lube van.

The tower-style van is designed to be ergonomic and limit operator bending and maneuvering to access hose reels and meters.

It’s based on a 26-foot, model 917 heavy-duty cargo van from Brown Industries and has roadside and curbside doors with a 5,000-pound capacity lift gate and a 60-inch by 80-inch platform. Installed inside the roadside access door is one steel tower housing a bottom and top section with two meters, two reels and two pumps.

For more information, call 320.589.2100 or visit:

A Job for the Heavy Duty Stuff

Mystik Lubricants announced the newest addition to its line of Mystik JT-6 products. The JT-6 Super Heavy Duty 460 Grease is specially formulated for the heavy-duty-trucking industry. This synthetic-blend formula is engineered to deliver extended service intervals and pumpability over a wide temperature range. It’s ideally suited for lubrication of fifth wheels, kingpins, throw-out bearings, U-joints, pins and bushings.

The grease protects against shock loading and exposure to corrosive anti-icing agents. It is water resistant with a recommended operating temperature of -5 F (-20.6 C) to 350 F (176.7 C).

It can be purchased in 400-pound lined drums, 120-pound lined kegs, 35-pound pails, a case of 50, 14-ounce tubes and a case of 12, 10-ounce tubes.

For more information, call 855.469.7845 or visit:

Extended Performance

A new extended performance air filter has joined the line up of high performance products in SOMS Technologies LLC’s, microGreen product line.

The air filter, which extends change intervals up to three years or 45,000 miles, is 99-percent efficient and holds three times more dirt than a standard air filter. The advanced dual-stage filtration system with synthetic pre-filter helps extend the life of the filter. The filter is a direct replacement for a conventional filter.

For more information, call 877.757.7667 or visit:

Powerful Crushers Unite

Ranger Products recently unveiled its RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher.

The crusher has an industrial-quality, welded steel plate to apply 10 tons of air-operated pressure to crush used oil filters. An x-shaped bevel in the press head aligns filters for a vertical press.

For more information, call 805.933.9970 or visit:


CRP Automotive has added Pentosin CVT1 Multi-purpose Transmission Fluid to its lineup. CVTI is a fully synthetic, high-performance fluid for continuously variable automatic gearboxes. It is completely miscible and compatible with other high-quality CVT fluids.

The formula is derived from synthetic base oils that have additives with high levels of thermal and oxidative stability as well as high shear stability and de-foaming properties. It offers high wear resistance and ideal friction performance for both CVT chain and CVT belts.

For more information, call 877.776.8486 or visit:

Turbo Charged

Technical Chemical Company recently launched its Turbo 108 Mega Mileage Improver and Turbo 108 Turbo Enhancer. The Mega Mileage Improver is formulated to improve fuel mileage by an average of 5.7 percent. The Turbo Enhancer is formulated to improve performance and reduce friction in smaller, turbo-equipped engines.

For more information, call 800.527.0885 or visit:

Scrubb it Away

Scrubblade redesigned its Platinum Scrubblade scrubbing windshield wipers. The blade’s patented design has hundreds of raised, triangular scrubbers along the outside of each blade that provide a texture difference along the wiper to break up bugs and debris. A second blade comes behind and squeegees away water and remaining debris.

The wipers feature a rubber frame cover for winter weather conditions, and a nano-coating extends blade longevity. The blades include adaptors.

For more information, call 855.SCRUBB.1 or visit:


Safety Shock

Ansik Inc. has developed a tool for failed gas struts under the hood of a car called ShockLock. ShockLock can be used with one hand and prevents the hood from falling. It can hold over 150 pounds in weight, is made from non-damaging aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty.

For more information, call 705.977.0150 or visit:

Cool Fluids

KOST USA has added Cummins FluidPower Extended Life Light Duty and Heavy Duty Antifreeze/Coolants to its lineup. The fluids are premium quality and ethylene glycol-based. They’ve been specifically formulated to provide optimum performance in all automotive gasoline and heavy-duty diesel applications. These products use organic additive technology to protect against corrosion and extend coolant life.

For more information email:

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