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Shop Look: JJ's Pit Stop

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SHOP STATS: JJ's Pit Stop   Location: Huntington, Ind.  Operator: Blake Randall (manager)  Average Car Count: 20  Staff Size: 7  Shop Size: 2 bays Average Ticket: $24



Standout Brand

JJ’s Pit Stop was opened as a quick mart in 1989 before it became a quick lube center. So, all the colors were orange and the space was set up for convenience for the customer.

In 2017, Blake Randall, manager for JJ’s Pit Stop, took over the location and turned it into the building it is today. The building now has a maroon motif and two bays. It’s attached to what some in the industry might call a “taboo” but is another convenience for the customer: a convenience store and a Starbucks.

JJ’s Pit Stop serves a tight-knit community and operates successfully in a small town of about 15,000 people.



Customer Convenience

Randall says he likes to go above and beyond for his customers. Customers not only can wait for their car in a waiting room that has a large screen television, and free coffee and beverages, but Randall offers late pick-ups, too.

So, if a customer has to work late or can’t come during scheduled business hours, Randall will pick up the customer’s car, perform an oil change and then bring it back. The service is provided for up to a 10 mile radius of JJ’s. Customers can also drop off cars at the shop after hours.

And, if a customer does not want to wait in the waiting room, he or she has the option to pull around to a parking lot in the back of the building for more privacy.


Organized Work Space

Everything has a place, Randall says.

“We’re in the business of doing things fast so it makes it easier,” he says.

In the shop, the team is able to keep tools organized on magnetic boards on oil vats and tool boards. Air filters are stored along the walls of the two bays. 

And, all of the quick lube’s records are kept electronically. 

Randall says the shop does not use any preferred tooling or equipment but rather likes to support the local hardware store.

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