Ford Stops Sales of Some 2015 Edges for Water Leak

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Ford Motor Co. has ordered dealers to stop selling some 2015 Edge crossovers because water can leak inside the cabin.

Ford is encouraging owners -- without issuing a formal recall -- to take their vehicle to a dealership for a lengthy inspection and possible repair. It’s also telling dealers to check the Edges in their inventory for leaks.

Vehicles built after April 28, when a production change was made at the plant in Ontario, Canada, are not affected.

The problem involves water seeping through a joint in the front pillar, behind the hood hinges. Ford has created a customer-satisfaction program covering about 19,000 vehicles, though a Ford spokesman said only a small number of those vehicles are believed to have experienced leaking.

Ford is telling service technicians to look for dampness in the front and rear carpeting, floor pan sheet metal, dash panel, console insulation and lower A-pillar area -- a process it said could take half a day.

Consumer Reports, which published a glowing review of the Edge, which was redesigned for the 2015 model year, when it was introduced in March, said it recently found wet carpet on a vehicle it’s in the midst of testing.

“Initially, we thought someone may have left the window open,” the magazine said in a post on its website today. But then engineers discovered that running the Edge through a car wash “led to a sopping wet floor on the driver’s side.”

If technicians don’t find evidence of a leak, they’re instructed to install a urethane sealer in the A-pillar seams.

Vehicles that do have signs of water inside will be held for a three-day assessment to allow time for further inspection, letting the sealant dry and confirming that the problem has been fixed. Dealers are to provide loaner vehicles to owners in that situation and may need to replace carpeting or a variety of other items if damaged.

If the vehicle is still leaking after the three-day assessment, Ford may have to buy it back, according to Consumer Reports.

The problem could create mold or mildew in the vehicle or lead to electrical problems if corrosion occurs.

One Edge owner complained to federal regulators in June that the vehicle leaks whenever it rains.

“There were puddles of water on the floor,” the owner wrote. “The complete crumple zone was filled with water pushing up through the padding and carpet. In addition to the interior damages to the car, I am worried of the structure integrity of the crumple zone and frame caused by water sitting in the car for months.”

This article originally appeared on Automotive News.

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