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Weight Hammer

Ken-Tool has recently added the Automotive Wheel Weight Hammer to its lineup. The new hammer is designed for installingand removing clipon wheel weights for automotive and light duty trucks. The hammer is 11.5 inches (29 cm) long and 3.5 inches (9 cm) wide. It has a nonmarring, replaceable polyvinyl strike face that is 7/8 inches in diameter, making it an ideal size for all automotive and light truck applications.

The Ken-Tool 35361 Automotive Wheel Weight Hammer works with all types of clip-on wheel weights — lead, zinc, steel and coated weights. The anti-marring strike face protects the surface of aluminum wheels, painted wheels and chrome-plated wheels from any potential damage caused by an errant hammer strike.

For more information, call 330.535.7177 or visit:

Relaunch with Responsive Design

Robert Bosch, LLC, has implemented major design changes to its website. A new, responsive design now makes it easier for users to search for, select and purchase Bosch products using either a desktop or mobile device. With the new design, users have the option of either browsing the parts catalog by category or identifying up to three different vehicles and searching all the Bosch parts offered for those specific vehicles. From either path, once a part is selected, the integrated where-to-buy function is just a single click away, further simplifying the purchasing process.

To visit the redesigned site, visit:

ATF Supplement

Brand One Synthetics has introduced a Synthetic Highly Friction Modified (HFM) ATF Supplement. It is specifically designed to convert Dex/ Merc ATF into HFM fluids. Brand One HFM supplement helps eliminate stocking a wide variety of OE ATFs thus saving time, space and money. Brand One HFM supplement also softens hard shifts, extends fluid life and keeps valves free.

For more information, contact Brand One at 855.880.5823 or visit:

New Product Line

Bardahl has added two new product lines and a new marketing program. The program includes new product packaging with an updated logo and brand image. The Bardahl branded retail line will offer new products based on the company’s development of ultra-concentrated solutions, as well as additives that are updated formulations from their original polar attraction technology. There will be several new niche products to address unique needs of newer vehicles, including solutions to improve performance in regards to GDI and CRDI systems, E85 ethanol blends and biodiesel fuels. A special duty line will offer products directed at the weekend recreational consumer with fuel system conditioners and engine additives for larger vehicles.

For more information, call 888.227.3245 or visit:

Tread Smart

Hunter Engineering Company’s new Quick Tread system uses point cloud technology to automatically measure the tread depth of each tire without a time loss. The unit detects tread grooves to report up to six measurements per tire. Results are displayed on the console and also presented on an easy-to-understand printout that recommends tire replacement by showing a 3D model of the customer’s tread. Quick Tread is built for a shop environment and features powder-coated stainless steel to resist corrosion. All measurements are processed on-site in seconds. No Internet connection is required to process measurements, and there is no recurring monthly charge.

Available for order later this year, the new drive-over tread depth unit can be easily added to existing Hunter Quick Check systems or installed as a stand-alone system.

For more information, call 314.731.3020 or visit:

Premium Replacement Parts

Continental Commercial Vehicles and Aftermarket, manufacturer and supplier of VDO OE-engineered aftermarket replacement parts, now offers a new VDO Engine Management and Fuel Supply program, featuring a range of premium, VDO-branded “OEM only” replacement parts at competitive prices. These parts come directly from the manufacturer, Continental, and while they are branded VDO, they are the same as parts supplied to vehicle manufacturers worldwide. The VDO program offers a solution for today’s independent shops and technicans. It includes formerly dealer-only electronic throttle valves, air actuators, MAF and MAP sensors, fuel injectors and fuel modules. These high-quality OE parts deliver European, domestic and Asian coverage for popular and high-volume vehicles, as well as hard-to-find applications.

For more information, visit:


Expanded Gasket Program

CRP Automotive has significantly expanded its AJUSA European Gasket Program to over 300 SKUs. The new additions include valve cover gaskets, plenum, intake manifold gaskets and exhaust gaskets. As a result of the expansion, CRP now offers excellent coverage for approximately 80 percent of Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini, Volvo and VW vehicles from model years 2000 to 2014.

CRP Automotive is continuing to expand the program and will shortly add over 100 more parts for popular European import applications, including oil pan gaskets, head gaskets, exhaust pipes, engine filters and oil cooler gaskets.

For more information, visit:

Blade Runner

Trico Products Corporation has added 12 new part numbers to the Trico Exact Fit blade line. Trico now offers three new rear integral blades under part numbers 12-J, 14-F and 16-J, designed for Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan vehicles from model years 2006 through 2015. Trico also added six new beam blades, ranging in lengths from 19 to 26 inches, engineered to fit 19-mm narrow push button wiper arms and designed for the latest Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen models. Additionally, two beam blades, part numbers 19-1B and 26-1B, have been added to the line and are designed to fit hook arms. The line has also been expanded to include a new 29-inch beam blade, part number 29-15B, to fit pinch tab and push button wiper arms.

For more information, call 800.388.7426 or visit:


Cool Exchange

AEC Group Inc. has recently added the CE2000HC (High Capacity) Coolant Exchanger (P/N 0099-02-22-0) to its lineup. The CE2000HC incorporates all the features of the CE2000/3000 models, but with two 7.6 U.S. gallon tanks for coolant systems with higher volume requirements. All AEC Coolant Exchangers quickly and easily perform two types of services — vacuum/pressure and vacuum/fill — quickly, easily and cleanly.

For more information, call 877.906.1395 or visit:

Come to Your Senses

Standard Motor Products has two new Qwik-Sensor promotional offers to support the product launch of its Qwik-Sensor multi-coverage program. The first promotion provides a free TechSmart TPMS Gen II tool (T55003) when customers purchase an assortment of Qwik-Sensor TPMS sensors. The tool easily activates the Qwik-Sensor and performs ID-cloning and full OE-relearn procedures. Available while supplies last.

The second offer is the Qwik-Sensor per/car special, running through March 31, 2015. When a customer buys five sets of Qwik-Sensor multi-coverage TPMS sensors, they will get an additional per/car set free. The Qwik-Sensor line covers 94 percent of all domestic, European and Asian applications with only three multi-coverage TPMS sensors.

For more information, visit:

Simply Magical

Jack Manufacturing’s Concentrated Magic Hand Cleaner contains the highest quality ingredients and is designed specifically to clean the hardest stains from any tough application. Using cosmetic-grade walnut shells, as well as six different emollients and skin conditioners, it is designed specifically to protect precious hands by preventing dryness, irritation and cracking. Magic Hand Cleaner contains triple the cleaning power of the competition, lasts longer thanks to its concentrated formula, contains no dyes or perfumes and rinses away in seconds with no residue saving time and money.

For more information, call 855.588.5225 or visit:

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