A Corvette for a King

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In American pop culture there are few things more American than the Corvette. From my high school days to today, when I see a Corvette rolling down the road I can’t help but take notice. If you love Corvettes too I know you will enjoy this issue. This month’s feature article by David Burbach on page 18 takes us down memory lane in a sleek corvette. Although Burbach and I are from different generations we agree on who the real high school prom king was. In my era, the real prom king came to the dance driving the new 1963 Stingray.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember everything about my prom but when I read Burbach’s piece I did remember the defacto prom king of my class drove a 1963 Stingray Corvette. If you enjoy Burbach’s column then you will want to keep on reading. Starting on page 22 is the story of the legendary Peter Max Corvette collection.

Of all the Corvettes the 1963 Stingray is still my favorite. What is your favorite ’vette? Let us know we always appreciate your feedback.

Until next month, keep on lubin’.

STEVE HURT is the publisher of National Oil & Lube News. Let him know what you think at: steveh@stevehurt.com

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