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Getting customers in your bay doors is a constant game of figuring out what motivates them to choose you over others in your area. While there are many things impacting the decisions customers’ make, there are several emerging applications you can use to help in steer them your way.

You probably have a base knowledge — if not first hand experience with — popular social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. While these sites have a place in the quick lube market, there are newer — and some would argue, more effective — ways to encourage customers to spend money with you. Among the countless apps available two are rising in popularity.

The first app is called Snapchat. Snapchat is a photo and video sharing app. Snapchat allows you to share your videos and photos by either sending them to individuals of your choosing or making your recordings public to those who follow you by allowing you to add them to your “story.”

The second app is called Periscope. Periscope is a live streaming app that immediately turns any user into a reporter by allowing them to share videos in real time. If you’re streaming on Periscope, you’ll show up on an integrated map where people who aren’t already following you can easily locate you and watch your stream.

Snapchat and Periscope can serve different functions for your business depending on how you use them. They are free, easy to use and, depending on your customer base, could be the game changer you’re looking to incorporate. Here are some situations in which you may want to try Snapchat and Periscope in your shop:

The situation: Business is slow

Snapchat or Periscope: Snapchat

What you do: Flash sale! Snap a picture or video, add it to your story and invite customers to visit your shop for “happy hour.” You could offer them a free service with purchase of another or services at a discounted rate when they mention your Snapchat story.

What you get: You’ll maximize your hours, encourage new business and get people talking.

The situation: You’re swamped

Snapchat or Periscope: Periscope

What you do: Interact with your customers! It doesn’t take much effort or time to quickly interview willing customers about their favorite activities in your community, what they are up to for the rest of the day or answer their automotive questions.

What you get: Happy customers who feel like you care about building a relationship with them, a chance to interact with the community and regional viewers who will remember the same thing about you when their vehicle needs an oil change.

The situation: “I can’t see what you’re doing. How do I actually know you did it?”

Snapchat or Periscope: Snapchat

What you do: You’ve heard it before from customers, “How do I even know you did it if I can’t see it?” or “It would help if I could see what you’re talking about.” Encourage your customers to follow you on Snapchat and you’ll be able to show them what’s going on under their car, what you’re doing and give them other related updates.

What you get: An open-door reputation and educated customers who will return time and time again. What more could you ask for?

The situation: Giving back

Snapchat or Periscope: Periscope

What you do: Whether you’re volunteering for the day, attending a charity event or conducting a care car clinic, tell people by live streaming it.

What you get: People like to do business with (and tell their friends about) businesses who care about giving back and are active in the community. Give ’em something to talk about!

If you try one of these emerging apps at your shop I want to know how it goes! Email me at lauren.henderson@noln.net or tweet us using the handle @oillubenews

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