Auto Shops Experiencing Longer Wait Times

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August 18, 2021—Auto shops around the country are still experiencing longer-than-normal wait times due to the shortage of supplies and more people holding on to their used vehicles.

According to a report from Fox 12 Oregon, several area repair shops say a combination of delayed insurance claims and an influx of older cars is causing delays on almost all services. Even services such as oil changes have been affected to shortages. 

"You know everybody needs an oil change,” Stephanie Johnson, co-owner of Steve's Automotive in Portland, Ore. said. “That’s one of the biggest things that we do every day, and if you don’t have the oil to change it, then we got a problem.”

A recent report from CNBC suggests the industry is anywhere from six months to a full year away from a full correction of the shortage of new vehicles, which means delays could continue beyond 2021.

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