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“This thing really is a game-changer,” Jason Weicht, Solid Start’s director of sales, says. “We’ve seen such a huge impact in the shops that are utilizing it. It’s really exciting.”

NOLN recently sat down with Weicht to discuss the one change he recommends to every shop owner and manager. 

“That’s easy,” he says. “Our pressurized canister induction service⁠—hands-down the easiest and most profitable change any shop can implement.

“Compared to the plastic IV-style drip bottles that most shops use when performing a fuel-system or induction cleaning service, the pressurized canister service wins easily in every metric imaginable,” Weicht says. “Besides the obvious fact that the metal canister looks far more professional when performing the service, it also saves time, eliminates the stress of finding the proper vacuum source, adds in the benefits of a throttle plate cleaning, and removes any chance of flooding the catalytic converter. All of these add up to a more profitable shop.”

The True Brand Pressurized Canister utilizes shop air to pressurize the metal canister and deliver a consistent atomized mist of their GDI Induction Cleaner directly to the throttle body via the S-Hook delivery system. This cleans and lubricates the throttle plate to eliminate a sticky gas pedal without harming the throttle-position or mass-air sensors. While this is a great benefit over the traditional IV-style drip bottle application, Weicht says that the efficiency of the pressurized canister service is where shops are seeing huge benefits.

“Our in-market testing shows the pressurized canister service consistently takes less than half the time of a drip bottle service,” Weicht says. “While a drip bottle service takes an average of around 20 minutes to complete – and that doesn’t include the extra time it might take tech to search for and find a proper vacuum source - our pressurized canister service takes around seven minutes at max to complete. This means that the shop can essentially perform two to three times more services per day after they switch to the pressurized canister.”

According to Weicht, many techs end up using the brake booster for the drip bottle style service because it’s the easiest vacuum source to find and has good vacuum pressure. However, around 80 percent of the time, that’s the wrong source and will dump the cleaner into the last valve and flood the catalytic converter. “This results in poor cleaning and possible catalytic converter damage,” he says. “Since our pressurized canister always delivers the cleaner through the throttle body via the s-hook, this eliminates the chance of not hitting all the valves, the possibility of flooding the catalytic converter, time wasted searching for the correct vacuum source and the possibility of accidentally pulling a coolant line. Additionally, with newer vehicles using plastic vacuum lines, we are seeing more incidents of techs accidentally breaking the lines and shops having to replace them. With the pressurized canister, you don’t have to worry about any of that.”

In addition to increased efficiency and effectiveness, the pressurized canister service also offers the shop the option to benefit from an increase in service price, thanks to the addition of the throttle plate cleaning to the typical valve and injector cleaning benefits of a drip bottle service. Weicht says that this is an option that he discusses with each shop when reviewing the benefits of the pressurized canister.

“Since they’re adding another layer of cleaning to the service, they can⁠—if they wish⁠—charge more,” he explains.

The market seems to agree with Weicht:

Mark W., the general manager of a seven-store franchise group, states, “The customer perception and improved satisfaction with the price of the service is 10 times better using the True Brand pressurized canister. It just carries a better-perceived value because of the application, something you can also show the customer.”

Chris D. manages a five-store group in Eastern Idaho and loves how simple and efficient the service is for his techs to perform. He says, “No questions on how my tech is supposed to perform the service… and it works like a charm!”

With its time-saving and revenue-generating benefits, True Brand’s pressurized canister service is changing how shops approach ancillary services. If you’d like more information on implementing this easy and profitable service in your shop, contact your True Brand representative or call 877.290.3950.

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