Production Ending: Nissan Xterra Axed for 2016

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If you ever wanted a reliable body on frame SUV that’s not a Jeep Wrangler, now would be your time to act. According to Nissan earlier yesterday (Aug. 18, 2015) it looks like they aren’t going to be bringing back this beloved SUV. It seemed like the recipe was simple enough. Provide a burly looking SUV to customers with plenty of standard exterior features that shouted active lifestyle. There was the roofrack on top with a side step integrated into the bumper as well as a rear bumper applique that was made for muddy boots to be stepped on. Engines choices were no bother as there was just one when the four-cylinder was left off the options list in 2005. And although sales have remained solid these past couple of months, selling a little over 1,000 units can’t justify making it another year.

You can thank the increasingly popular crossover market as well as the iconic Jeep Wrangler for driving the final nails in the coffin for this turn of the century success story. When the Nissan Xterra was first introduced, it handily won Motor Trend’s SUV of the year in 2000 and again in 2005 for being an honest SUV. As cliche as it sounds, demand determines supply and there simply isn’t any for these turn of the century Wrangler fighters.

If you’re a fan of the F-Alpha platform, you can still scratch your itch with the 2016 Nissan Frontier which will soldier on. Nissan is even throwing a moonroof on the Crew Cab SV as well as three new exterior colors.

This article originally appeared on Art of Gears.

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