20 Scrap Cars Spill Into Victoria Waterway After Barge Tips

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A barge carrying hundreds of scrap cars tipped over in the Gorge waterway in Victoria Friday.

The Ministry of Environment said about 20 cars crashed into the water after the barge tipped while being loaded near the 2300-block of Jutland Road, around 3 p.m.

No workers were unaccounted for and none were injured, police said.

Victoria police, fire, and Transport Canada responded with boat crews.

The exact cause of the incident has not been determined.

Booms have been laid in the water to contain any pollution and an Environmental Emergency Response Officer from the Ministry of Environment is monitoring the scene.

The cars loaded onto the barge are cleaned of fuel beforehand, according to Transport Canada.

The ministry said a small fuel slick was visible but expected.

Either Seaspan, the company that owns the barge, or Schnitzer Steel, which recycles scrap metal, will be held responsible for all clean-up costs, according to the ministry.

Police have closed the Selkirk walkway that runs alongside the water to reduce risk for the public.

This article originally appeared on CTV News

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