Crews Dig Up Cars from Bottom of the Hudson River

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Old cars in a junkyard can transport you to another world. 

Looking closely at a 1995 Honda Civic caked in mud, covered in zebra mussels and you'll see it really did come from another world. Underwater in the Hudson River.

"Can you hear me okay?" Senior Diver Timothy Hard of the New York State Police asked, "Give an effort to retrieve that one."

The 20-year-old car wasn't alone in these waters. There are at least eight others, all in the same spot off the river's banks in Troy.

"We're recovering some vehicles that are in the river under unknown circumstances," said Hard.  

Hard and his State Police dive team got called after workers taking sonar photographs for another project noticed the cars on the riverbed.  

"We've got the crane in place," said Hard. "It's like fishing for cars that's exactly what it is." 

Hook, line and sinker. 

"So far it looks like stolen vehicles and this is where they get dumped," said Hard.  

The owner of the property said if thieves needed to ditch their car, they'd come here because they could get a lot of speed here on Washington Street. Then the car would fly and they'd jump out and it would keep on flying Right into the Hudson.

Investigators tracked two cars back about 15 years ago when they were reported stolen. 

"These are so old the statute of limitations is up," said Hard.  

The auto crimes unit still needs to investigate in case the divers find a body, or the stolen cars connect back to another case like insurance fraud. 

"You don't know what you have until you get it," said Hard.  

On Wednesday divers got a '73 Cutlass and a '98 Cadillac, one with old New York State license plates. 

It's just a matter of discovering what happened before those decades spent in another world. 

This article originally appeared on Time Warner Cable News

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