Managers, Not Entry-Level Workers, Powering 'Great Resignation'

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Dec. 29, 2021—A new study has revealed managers and directors are leaving more than entry-level employees, Small Biz Trends reported. 

Based on findings from a HiBob and Fiverr Business study, the lure of flexibility and greater work-life balance is pushing the resignation trend even amongst experienced workers. 

According to the study, in the past six months of all the people that are quitting 46 percent hold positions as managers or directors. This is the highest amongst all entry (22 percent), mid-level (38 percent), executive (26 percent), and C-Suite (10 percent) positions.

The study also found which age groups make up the resignations, finding employees 36-45 were most likely to leave followed by 26-35, and 46-55. 

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