EV Tire Maintenance Provides Opportunity for Shops

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May 4, 2022—The prevalence of electric vehicles provides shops with an opportunity to cater to drivers of both EVs and internal combustion engine vehicles alike. This can be seen in the case of tire services. 

Motor Biscuit reports that EVs require an especially attentive approach to their tire maintenance, as the vehicles themselves cause more wear on the tires than a traditional ICE vehicle may. 

EVs are heavy, and they and use tires with a higher weight rating that can wear out fast. EVs also produce instant torque as they accelerate, which has the potential to cause rapid wear. 

EVs with the best amount of range utilize energy-efficient tires, and these can cost anywhere from around $150 to $200 each. 

These are the type of factors that can ultimately lead drivers to have to replace their EV tires more frequently than they would need to with an ICE vehicle. 

The article goes on to say that generally, tire rotation for EVs is encouraged every six months or 7,500 miles.  

Considering the make up of EVs and ICE vehicles are generally very different, taking on services such as EV tire rotations and changes could aid shops in broadening their customer base to serve owners of both vehicle types. 

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