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Work Flow

Fluidall recently unveiled its Mobile Work Station, a multi-fluid storage and handling solution configured on a mobileplatform with built-in containment. The workstation steel cage fits fluid storage tanks in 32-, 71- or 180-gallon capacities and is equipped with a universal shelf that supports Graco’s fluid dispensing equipment. It has a large, solid steel, work surface with fill ports located below. The complete station is configured on a steel forklift-ready secondary containment vessel.

For more information, call 800.849.059 or visit:

Clean Eating

Kafko International’s Oil Eater brand has expanded its eco-friendly line of cleaning solutions with the addition of a foaming, aerosol, all-purpose cleaner. Oil Eater All Purpose comes ready to use in a 20-ounce bottle. It dissolves grease, grime and dirt from car and truck interiors, maintenance facility surfaces, glass, equipment and more. It is also formulated to cling to vertical surfaces, is pH neutral, non-toxic, biodegradable and will not harm skin. Bilingual instructions are on the label.

For more information, call 800.528.0334 or visit:

What’s On Tap?

Qwix Mix has added the Qwix Mix QW-1-40 self-contained system to its product line. The QW-1-40 is an easy-to-use windshield washer fluid dispenser that allows the user to custom mix their ideal washer fluid for temperatures ranging from 32 F (0 C) to -25 F (-31.7 C).

The Quix Mix QW-1-40 Proportioner is a self-contained unit with a 40-gallon reservoir that includes a ball float valve to ensure windshield washer fluid is always ready for use. The unit is designed to fit in workspaces of all sizes, especially small spaces. It enables pumping of washer fluid directly to overhead reels.

For more information, call 866.862.1078 or visit:

Tires That Shine

Black Magic has introduced its Tire Color with platinum glitter shine. Tire Color is a non-permanent, washable, glitter tire coating that can last for weeks. It won’t harm tires and is easily removable. It is available in an eight-ounce bottle and comes with an applicator sponge.

For more information, call 800.884.7802 or visit:

Synthetic Matters

Provide engines with the same benefits as synthetic motor oil with Throttle Muscle’s new FX805 Advanced Synthetic Engine 

Treatment. FX805 is formulated with synthetic stock oil base and has the added low-friction benefits of PTFE to reduce engine wear and protect against cold starts. FX805 meets GF5 requirements to reduce emissions and maximize fuel economy. It is compatible with all types of motor oil and can be used in diesel and gasoline engines.

FX805 is available in 16-ounce bottles. Each bottle treats six quarts of oil.

For more information, call 855.738.9687 or visit:

Please Wait, Processing

PM Attendant has certified the new Ingenico ISC 250 to process credit cards internally with WorldPay. This allows EMV credit cards to be processed through PM Attendant’s point-of-sale software and eliminates extra steps and transposing numbers when entering on a stand-alone terminal. The ISC 250 also opens up the potential for accepting new payment methods like Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

For more information, call 866.576.8957 or visit:

Baby’s Got a Brand New Look

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) recently unveiled its new website. The website is easier to navigate, more user-friendly and designed with the latest technology, making it compatible with today’s browsers and all user platforms. Visitors to the site can register for AAPEX, reserve discounted hotel rooms and stay informed on the latest AAPEX news and updates. They can search the website for exhibitors and parts, learn more about the AAPEXedu program and find additional information about the Sands Expo and transportation in and around Las Vegas.

Exhibitors will find an exhibitor floor plan as well as information about how to maximize their exposure at AAPEX with sponsorship opportunities and the New Product and New Packaging Showcases. Exhibitors can also register for the Exhibitor Summit.

For more information, email or visit:

Reduce, Eliminate, Soften, Extend

Lubegard’s Synthetic ATF Protectant is clinically and field approved to reduce heat, eliminate torque converter shudder, soften hard shifts and extend fluid life. It is engineered to raise the thermal and oxidative stability levels of ATFs, so when it operates at elevated temperatures, it does not thin out and pyrolize, burn or react with oxygen. It gives new life to old fluid. Can be used as an add-on between transmission fluid changes.

For more information, call 800.333.LUBE or visit:

Fit for a King

Minimize wear and restore lost engine performance with Royal Purple’s new HMX High Mileage Motor Oil. HMX isformulated with zinc/phosphorus anti-wear additives and Royal Purple’s additive technology, Synerlec. HMX is chemically enhanced to revitalize hardened seals reducing oil consumption common in higher mileage engines, reduce friction and protect against oxidation to safely extend oil drains.


HMX meets API Service SL warranty requirements for gasoline engines and is available in 5W-30 and 10W-30 grades.

For more information, call 888.382.6300 or visit:

Put on the Brakes

Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ brand, Wagner Brake, is expanding its replacement brake pad coverage with the addition of several Thermo-Quiet and SevereDuty pad sets.

The sets are available for more than 1.1 million late-model vehicles, including 2015 Ford Transit vans and 2014-2015

Dodge Charger Pursuit police vehicles.

For more information, visit:

MacGyver’s Favorite

WD-40 Company has introduced WD-40 EZ-Reach. The multi-use product comes in a 14.4-ounce can, has an attached, eight-inch flexible straw that bends and keeps its shape.

For more information, call 888.324.7596 or visit:

Water Tight

Secure repairs on hoses, pipes, cables, wiring, electrical connections and more with Permatex’s Self-fusing Silicone Tape. Self-fusing Silicone Tape bonds to itself, instantly creates an airtight, waterproof seal and is ideal for application areas that may become wet or are in contact with running water. It has a tensile strength of 700 psi for use on pressurized hoses, is heat resistant to 400 F (204 C), insulates electric wires up to 400V and withstands salt, acids and solvents like gasoline. Self-fusing Silicone Tape can be used in place of duct and electrical tape. A single package contains one roll of black tape measuring one-inch by 10-feet.

For more information, call 877.376.2839 or visit:

Digital Spark

Sparkplug offers simple, reasonably priced website building and Internet marketing services to the auto service industry.

Its services include design, mobile optimization, search optimization and website management.

For more information, call 800.380.9169 or visit:

Stay Cool

Charcool is the latest automotive window film product from Madico. Charcool delivers increased privacy, heat protection, reduced glare, fade resistance and keeps car interiors looking newer longer. It doesn’t interfere with cell phones, GPS, satellite radio and TPMS. Charcool blocks over 99 percent of UV rays and helps protect passengers in the event of broken glass. Charcool is available in a variety of shades.

For more information, call 888.887.2022 or visit:

Upgrade to 15.2

Snap-on introduced its new Software Upgrade 15.2 for the Auto-ID, One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan and the One-Touch Code Clear. Software Upgrade 15.2 includes 37 vehicle makes for the Auto-ID feature with GM, Nissan and Toyota now available and SureTrack online support. The One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan is offered for 36 makes, now including GM and Suzuki. The One-Touch Code Clear is available for 27 makes with GM, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota recently added.

Software Upgrade 15.2 provides access to over 93,270 new codes, tests, tips and data for 1998-2014 model years. Exclusive Fast-Track Troubleshooter coverage includes vehicles model year 1980 and newer and 36,374 new tips.

For more information call 800.424.7226 or visit:

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