Mountain Lion caught After Pouncing on Mechanic

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A mechanic had just arrived at work Friday morning when he was confronted by a mountain lion that had wandered out of the mountains off of Sierra Highway in Palmdale.

The mountain lion was spotted behind LJ Automotive around 9 a.m. One of the mechanics said he came to open the shop, and the mountain lion jumped on him. He says he was scared, but the big cat turned around and took off.

"I just opened up the shop like I do every morning, and he came out from a little cubby hole we have back there and just stumped me against the wall and took off," said Hank Barkefelt. "She wasn't aggressive at all, no teeth, no nothing."

When Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies and Fish and Wildlife officials arrived, the mountain lion was hunkered down under a vehicle.

It took some work for Fish and Wildlife to corner the 2-year-old female mountain lion, but they were finally able to tranquilize the big cat just before 11 a.m.

After tranquilizing the animal, Fish and Wildlife put her in the back of a pickup truck and poured water on her to keep her cool in the extreme heat.

Fish and Wildlife says just last week in Lancaster, they had to corner another mountain lion that wandered into a neighborhood. They do not believe the animals are a danger to people.

"In general, a healthy mountain lion that isn't injured or cornered doesn't represent a huge risk to people, as long as they stay clear of it," said Marty Wall of Fish and Wildlife.

This article originally appeared on ABC 7

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