Young Driver Walks into Car Dealership Complaining About the iPhone Dock. What Ensues is Pure Gold.

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As BuzzFeed reports, as the dealership noted in its post, the original photo is credited to Trevor Thomas from Boise, Idaho. Thomas had originally posted the story (a true event) to Reddit before it was picked up by the GMC dealership.

Thomas says that the experience did really happen, and only a few minor details were changed before he put the story online.

“My friend Kyle owns an older SUV and slid his iPhone 5 into the cassette deck one day and asked seriously, ‘Is that what that’s for?’ And it gave us all a good laugh. We posted it to Instagram with the caption, ‘So, that’s what that’s for!’ as a joke to him, but it only got a few likes.”

And what does he think of seeing his joke between friends become an Internet hit? Thomas tells Buzzfeed:

“Honestly it’s been fascinating to watch how it’s spread around Facebook,” he said.

“The caption has always been a variation from my original on the Reddit post, which I found fascinating.”

Thankfully, he was there to capture the moment.

This content originally appeared on the Independent Journal

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