New Airport Service Changes Your Oil While You're Out of Town

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Move over, Park’N Fly.

It’s time for Grease’N Go. 

The new Jiffy Lube outlet at Halifax Stanfield International Airport will soon offer customers a chance to have some work done on their vehicles while they fly the friendly skies.

“It’s going to work out really well once we get our shuttle, and that’s in the plans,” Jiffy Lube manager Ted Dietrich said Thursday, nodding at a parked van at the edge of the quick-service lube lot on the new exit road from the airport. 

“We got the shuttle van. We’ll be able to get them over to the airport; we’re working on the logistics of that right now.”

The idea is for flying customers to bring a vehicle to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and cleaning and maybe a waxing. The van drops off the customer at the airport, and when the service is complete, the vehicle is moved to the Park’N Fly lot for the customer to retrieve when returning.

“A lot of people are asking about it,” Dietrich said of the new service. 

“They really like the idea. For the travelling public, time’s important. People are going away for their vacation, that’s the only time sometimes that they can lose their car. The professional traveller, the salesperson or whatever, they need their vehicle. It all works out to convenience.”

The first franchise to open in Nova Scotia, the airport Jiffy Lube has been providing oil changes and detailing for customers for five weeks. A second outlet will be opening at Dartmouth Crossing soon.

“Basically, what we’re trying to do is provide service where people can drive up, get the oil in and out in 20 minutes. We do basic checks on their vehicle for them. We check the air filter.”

Dietrich and his crew of seven lube technicians, detailers and front-desk employees will host a grand opening Friday. 

He said the outlet doesn’t do any heavy mechanical work, but if technicians should see brake problems while rotating tires, for instance, the customer is advised that repair work has to be done.

This article originally appeared on Herald Business

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