Please Don't Make Me Sell: The Pitch Part II

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Time to continue the new series of training called Please Don’t Make Me Sell. In this series we are trying to help your people who aren’t naturally born salespeople develop the skills and confidence to be successful anyway. Last month we looked at the beginning of the pitch also sometimes called, a service review. We introduced the Furrows’ 3D presentation which tells consumers about what you did, builds trust by telling them what they don’t need and then explains what they do need and why.

Now, let’s finish the second part of the pitch. We only looked at one side of the story last time, your side. However part II is all about considering your guest and how it looks from their side. How does it sound? What’s going through their mind? We’ll introduce why customers can’t say yes.

Your customers’ decision-making process revolves around four general areas. As you might guess, Cost is one of the areas in the consumers mind. This is not as simple as your price is too high. Sometimes they don’t have any money and in this case, nothing can help you. Most often, since your prices on most products and services are actually lower than most competitors it is awareness.
If it is something they don’t buy often, they just aren’t aware on whether the price is fair or not. Coupons and discounts can’t help you here, and in fact can hurt you if offered too soon until this is established price will not be a factor. Are they aware of why it is needed, what the consequences of not doing it are, who might recommend it and what benefits they can anticipate if they choose to have the service performed?
Another “A” word to remember is the word authorized. Do they have the authority to spend money and make decisions? If not, give them information to get to that person via text, phone or even old-fashioned brochures.

The next area is trickier, nerve. Often customers are under a lot of stress. Everything about this situation can give them pause. Their intelligence, wallet, self image are all under attack. Sometimes you can tell while other times they can hide it. They are afraid to make a bad choice. Make it easy to for them to say no and don’t try to overcome objections. Give them compliments on their thoughtfulness, share with them what you would do or if you would recommend this service to a loved one.

The last area is time. The customer simply doesn’t have time to have a service performed. Let them know the urgency or time frame they have to complete the required service. Remind them of your no appointment policy. Will you need a special part? Ask if they would like to order it.

Underlying all of this is what the Harvard Business School calls informational stress. Is all the information they are hearing truthful? Do they trust you personally and the business generally? Satisfaction guarantees can help you here. No risk, no fear.

My partners and I are available to conduct this intensive one day seminar in your market, contact me for details.

DAVID PRANGE is currently assistant to the chairman at Next Generation Mfg. He can be reached at 630.699.6813 or:

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