What Are You Doing After Hours?

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compare_all2What is it you really want to be doing when you're at work? We want to know! The New Year is approaching quickly and we’re excited  to continue to bring you old favorites like the 2016 Vertical Outlook, the Fast Lube Operator Survey, Operator of the Year and all the other features our readers have come to love and rely on. However, we also have some knew surprises up our sleeves for 2016, articles we hope you'll enjoy just as much.

One new feature we're excited to add to our editorial lineup is a reoccurring profile piece we're calling, After Hours. After Hours profiles will feature a new quick lube or industry professional every month and will highlight their hobbies and interests outside the shop. This is where your stories and connections play a huge role.

We're relying on you to tell us about yourself, your friends, family, co workers or anybody you know working in the quick lube or maintenance industry that enjoys a hobby that you think would make a good story. Maybe you rally race, enjoy cooking, run triathlons or enjoy camping with your grandkids (or maybe your friends do) tell us about it!

To tell us about an After Hours story you think we should feature in a 2016 issue of NOLN click here or send an email to info@noln.net

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