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Freezing temperatures and unpredictable road conditions can make driving in the wintertime stressful on both you and your car. Motor oil is designed to lubricate, cool and protect the engine from wear, corrosion and extreme temperatures. The only problem is, without the proper preparation, regular motor oil has a hard time adapting to the frigid temperatures of winter and can leave your engine running without lubrication. Over time, this will have an adverse effect on the life expectancy of your engine.

When cooler temperatures arrive, conventional motor oil is thick and difficult for the engine to circulate. This results in cold starts, less protection from deposits and lower fuel efficiency. If you’ve been thinking about trying a synthetic oil, there is no better time than now to let me upgrade you.

Synthetic oil is better than conventional oil during the winter months because it is specifically formulated to provide added protection against engine wear in severe driving conditions. Severe driving conditions include: frequent trips  that are less than 10 miles each, extensive idling, driving on dirt gravel or dusty roads, towing cargo and stop-and-go traffic and driving in extreme temperatures. If you said, “That’s me,” to any of these, your car could benefit from a synthetic motor oil.

Don’t let winter weather do to your car what your in-laws have already done to you. Keep everyone in your household — and garage — stress-free this winter.

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