Dear Service Writer,

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by Lauren Henderson

After years of routinely getting my vehicle’s oil changed, I’ve learned a few things about myself and what makes me want to return to a specific quick lube. I’m writing this letter to tell you I care that the technician servicing my car knows what they are doing but — more often than not — you determine if I return the next time I need my car serviced. That’s a powerful position to be in, so use it to your advantage!


While you may not think the time you take to greet me with a smile, ask to pet my dog in the back seat or look up directions on how to reset my service light — I forget how to do it every time — is significant, I do. I like that you don’t just look at the sticker in my window, write something down on your clipboard and trudge away. Instead, you take the time to confirm with me the type of oil I’d like to be poured and confirm several times that I don’t have any other questions or concerns. If I’m not sure or forget what type of oil my car requires, you refer me to my vehicle’s owners manual and we find out the answer together. Even though you may have sneaked a peek at my windshield, it’s OK. Referring to my owners manual assures me my car is being fed the correct oil.

I know it’s impossible for you to know everything, but when the situation arises, you turn “I don’t know,” into an opportunity to go above and beyond. There’s nothing more frustrating as a customer than to ask a question and feel like you’re getting a half-baked answer. Instead of just making something up or guessing, you take the time to find one of your co-workers on the floor who can answer my questions. You taking the time to do that instead of blowing me off says a lot about the quality of care your shop provides. I don’t care that you don’t always know the answer to my questions, I care that you know how to find out what the answer is.

I appreciate you explaining to me what was done to my vehicle and not just rushing me out of the bay doors to get the next person in line over the pit. The work order I receive is great! It’s color coded and easy for me to quickly understand before I file it away in my glove box. Before I go on about my day, you tune in to my needs and take the adequate time to answer any lingering questions I have.

You’re respectful of my time while still fitting all of these things into my service experience, and I know talent when I see it. You’re in a more influential position than you may realize. To me, you’re the face of the company, owner and technician. You’re the person who relays and explains the health of my car to me. When you do a good job, I’ll more than likely assume that everyone else on your team did, too, and chances are I’ll continue to visit you every few thousand miles.

Thank you for being professional, thorough and patient with me. You’re the primary reason I keep coming back, so continue representing your team well!


A Satisfied Customer

P.S. Don’t be afraid to throw in a joke or two — funny always wins me over.

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