You Can Build a Ferrari F40 out of Legos

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Thanks to Lego's "Creator" division, you can build a Ferrari F40. Made up of 1,158 pieces, this particular toy seems to be made for adults, as the pieces must be arranged in a very specific order to properly construct it. There's even a scale-model V-8 under the (rear) hood, complete with two mini plastic turbochargers for full effect.

The Ferrari F40 is one of the most iconic supercars of all time, and not only defined performance car styling for decades to come with its impossibly low and wide stance and massive rear wing, but it was also a triumph of modern engineering. Thanks to carbon fiber technology, extreme weight saving and aerodynamic advancements, the F40 was the first production car ever to hit 200-mph -- and that was all the way back in 1987.

Ferrari made more than 1,300 F40s throughout its nine year run, but many have been raced, crashed, or otherwise damaged. It sold for "just" $400,000 when it was new, but well-kept examples are fetching well over six figures today.

Fortunately, Lego's model is significantly cheaper than that, but while you can't pilot it over 200-mph, we're willing to bet you'll have a similar smile on your face when the build is completed.

This article originally appeared on MSN.

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