Now You're Looking Like A Genius: The 2015 Carwash/Fast Lube Survey Breakdown

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Isn’t it funny how life is full of twists and turns? One instance that came to mind was my husband, Jason’s, fantasy football team this year. He has been in a league with friends for several years now. If you are in a fantasy football league, you know there’s always one in the bunch who is never quite satisfied with their team — they’ll make 60 or 80 add/drops or trades during the season. Well, that’s Jason.

During a trade early in the year, he ended up with Tom Brady on his team, so I endured a couple weeks of, “Brady isn’t doing any good. I think I’m going to cut him,” and “What am I thinking? I can’t cut Tom Brady!” Fast-forward 12 weeks, and boy did life take a turn. Jason had made a trade, got Tom Brady as a bonus and won his fantasy league with the Super Bowl MVP. After hearing this story, a colleague inquiring about fantasy football exclaimed, “Well, now he looks like a genius!”

Yeah, life is funny that way. You have something that’s great, but still admire what others around you have. Do you have a fast lube? A fast lube/carwash combo? Are you wondering what it would be like if you were in someone else’s shoes? We’re going to help you realize if you might have a Super Bowl MVP on the trade block by breaking down the numbers of the 2014 Fast Lube Operator Survey. We’re taking a closer look at how fast lube/carwash facilities compare to fast lube only facilities, as well as the national average.

Here are a few interesting points:

• Fast lube/carwash facilities are servicing more vehicles per day (43 vs. 35.1), and their bay times are faster (12.8 minutes vs. 19.1 minutes)

• Ticket averages are higher at fast lube only facilities — $71.05 vs. $70.85 for combo facilities.

• Fast lube/carwash facilities charge more for a standard, full-service oil change ($40.87, compared to $34.61 at fast lube only facilities); however, 40 percent of combo facilities offer a low-cost LOF service, with an average price of $25.94.

• Customers visit fast lube only facilities more often than fast lube/carwash combo facilities — every 4,563 miles for fast lube only vs. 4,688 miles for combo facilities.

• Fast lube/carwash facilities have more yearly sales per store than fast lube only facilities — $735,760 vs. $681,694 — however, combo facilities have a lower net profit percentage than fast lube only facilities. Net profit is 12.9 percent for fast lube/carwash facilities and 17.6 percent for fast lube only facilities.

I encourage you to take a look at the rest of the numbers, and you can decide for yourself who’s looking like a genius.

Click the image below to see the full report:


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