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Contact: Vaughn Grimm
Phone: 800-553-9053
Fax: 563-556-1235


Mi-T-M Corporation
50 Mi-T-M Drive
Peosta IA 52068
United States

Mi-T-M AdA popular choice for the oil and lube industry, Mi-T-M Corporation manufactures an assortment of industrial wet/dry vacuums. These vacuums are engineered to be some of the quietest and highest performing vacuums on the market. They are built for professional use and offer durability, reliability and optimal filtration. The Mi-T-M wet/dry vacuums come in two popular sizes, 13- and 18-gallon, and feature a 120-volt electric bypass motor, high-impact poly construction canister and wet and dry filter so no conversion is necessary. The accessories included with each vacuum are a 25-foot crushproof hose, ten disposable paper filter bags, a crevice tool and suction hand tool. For more information on Mi-T-M’s wet/dry vacuums visit: www.mitm.com

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