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Phillips 66 Lubricants/Kendall
2331 City West Blvd
Houston TX 77042
United States

Modern engines need modern lubricants. Phillips 66 Lubricants and Kendall Motor Oil formulate products to exceed API requirements for GF-6 and handle modern stresses like direct injection and stop-start driving. Engineered to make engines more fuel efficient and cleaner, their lubricants protect against wear, shearing, and extreme temperatures.

To benefit older vehicles, Phillips 66 Lubricants created Phillips 66 Shield High Mileage Booster and Kendall GT-1 High Mileage Booster-the industry’s first oil supplements that, when used as directed with Phillips 66 Shield and Kendall GT-1 motor oils, result in a blend that meets current API and ILSAC performance standards.

In addition to these industry-leading products, Phillips 66 and Kendall help businesses thrive with customer loyalty and repeat business promotions, training, and branded shop materials. Find out more about how Phillips 66 and Kendall can help your business by contacting Phillips 66 Lubricants.

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