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Contact: Jason Ramert
Phone: 877-788-8332


Rhino Tuff Tanks
411 West Congress St.
Maple Lake MN 55358
United States

Rhino Tuff Tanks HDPE storage and dispensing systems are designed to help keep your shop areas clean and organized. Stop covering valuable floor space with 55-gallon drums—store bulk fluids vertically! With sizes including 45-, 80-, 120-, 180-, 225-, and 310-gallon capacities, you can assemble your own combination, up to 360 gallons in a single stack. All tanks share a common 36-inch wide by 36-inch deep footprint, allowing universal stacking among sizes. Additional features include a convenient 2-inch center fill port, easy-to-read volume indicator and an assortment of stands, secondary containment and dispensing accessories to round out your complete package. Systems are certified to ULC-142.14 standard for storing and dispensing Class IIIB liquids (motor oil, hydraulic fluid, ATF, DEF, etc.). Order individual components or complete systems with a single part number. Not just tough—Rhino Tuff!

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