Scrubblade Inc.

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Contact: Lee Engelhardt
Phone: 855-727-8221


Scrubblade Inc.
42095 Zevo Dr. A3
Temecula CA 92590
United States

American Dream? We think so.

SCRUBBLADE began in 2002 after its founder, Billy Westbrook, a then-BMX racer, was on his way back from a race in Central California. A large bug collided with his windshield, creating a mess in his line of sight when using the truck's original wiper blades and washer fluid. This was the impetus in creating SCRUBBLADE, the next generation of wiper blades for the Heavy-Duty professional market, Off-Road and Automotive Aftermarket.

What sets SCRUBBLADE apart is how well the brand engages end users with its exceptional customer service, along with its patented scrubbing feature. SCRUBBLADE also believes in giving back to various charities while helping to support people and their passions along the road of life. Outperform. Outlast. For more information, visit

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