Education from the AOCA

Nov. 16, 2021

While interacting with industry peers at iFLEX, keep in mind the educational opportunities provided by AOCA year-round.

AOCA, the only organization exclusively representing the fast lube industry, provides all members with the business tools and resources to effectively deliver preventative maintenance and oil change services to their customers. One of the most effective ways we provide for the industry is through our quality educational programs.

While we deliver excellent educational sessions at iFLEX, we know that not all can make the show. A workplace study shows that 85% of employees want to choose training times that fit their schedule, so we also provide opportunities throughout the year to ensure our members have access to the continuing education they need. In addition, we offer online courses to meet the demands of the overwhelming majority, 89%, of employees who want access to necessary job training anywhere and anytime, according to Lorman Training Solutions.

These opportunities not only benefit the employees, who now feel more connected to and comfortable with their jobs, but the employers as well as companies that give employees the training they need to succeed see a 53% lower turnover rate, according to Edume Training.


Management Certification Programs

This two-day course is led by industry-leading faculty who train new and existing fast lube center managers to effectively lead their staff and run their operation. Topics covered include:

  • Leadership
  • Manager Responsibilities
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Attracting and Retaining Quality Employees
  • Implementing Training Programs
  • Financial Management
  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance 

Those who pass the exam become AOCA Certified Managers, a designation that shows the knowledge acquired for managerial excellence and distinguishes them among their industry peers.

AOCA Online Technician Academy

This interactive platform provides technicians with education on the fundamentals of operating in the fast lube industry. This low-cost learning platform is available year-round, when and where the employee wants the training for their convenience. It is used across the country to train employees in various aspects including

  • Customer Service
  • Safety
  • Job Duties
  • Training Concludes with Exam 

Those who pass the exam become AOCA Certified Technicians, a designation that shows competence and distinguishes them among their industry peers.