This Week in Business Strategies

March 8, 2021

This week's roundup offers insight on how to build a great brand and how to effectively manage communication efforts. 

March 8, 2021—To better assist shop owners with their business-building tactics, National Oil and Lube News has compiled a short list of essential leadership material from some of its favorite sources. Here's a look at a few must-read articles from the past week.

3 Counterintuitive Moves for Building a Great BrandInc. 

Tennes­see whiskey maker Fawn Weaver shares a few key decisions that put her company ahead of the competition.

Stop Giving Clients Your Personal Email. Here's Why. — Entrepreneur

If you hate managing your email inbox, try changing the way you use email — and stop giving clients your personal address.

Why We’re in the Midst of a Global Semiconductor Shortage — Harvard Business Review  

The pandemic and the chip shortage have made one thing abundantly clear: A flexible, agile supply chain is crucial to navigating the changes and staying resilient.