This Week in Leadership Tactics

Feb. 25, 2021

This week's leadership roundup recognizes the importance of delegating, exit interviews, and backup plans.

Feb. 25, 2021—To better assist shop owners with their leadership styles, NOLN has compiled a short list of essential leadership material from some of its favorite sources. Here's a look at a few must-read articles from the past week.

The Texas Storm Shows Why You Need a Backup Plan for Your BusinessInc. 

Less than two months into the new year and backup plans are already coming handy, maybe it's time to plan yours. 

Micromanaging is Sucking the Life Out of You. Here's How to Stop. — Entrepreneur

The most impactful leaders know that it takes a village to run a business. Let your village help you. 

Turn Departing Employees into Loyal Alumni — Harvard Business Review  

According to this article, offboarding is the perfect opportunity to create long-term value for your company.