True Brand Lands NASCAR Placement

Aug. 17, 2020

Viewers of the Go Bowling 235 NASCAR race last weekend might have noticed a new hood logo on Garrett Smithley's car.

Aug. 17, 2020—Viewers of the Go Bowling 235 NASCAR race last weekend might have noticed new logos on Garrett Smithley's car.

True Brand announced a sponsor partnership to display the company's logo, as well as the Fuel Juels logo, on the hood of Smithley's No. 53 car. The company has sponsored Smithley's car previously in coordination with Victory Lane Quick Oil Change, but this is the first time for True Brand as the main sponsor.

Solid Start told NOLN that she admires Smithley's work ethic, and the partnership has brought them into the fast-paced NASCAR world.

"Garrett has climbed/driven his way to where he is now by hard work, determination, and relationships but most of all his talent behind the wheel," according to a statement from CEO Amber Kossak and VP Crystal Mathews. "We have had the opportunity to be part of the NASCAR drivers’ meetings, as well as perch over top of his team to get an up-close view of all the action including his mechanics on pit row—an experience you cannot simply buy a ticket to get."

Smithley's car was decked out in logos and the company's neon blue and pink colors. Smithley completed all 60 laps during the Aug. 16 race and finished 36th.

"One day we hope to be in the winner’s circle with Garrett arm in arm with our Victory Lane Quick Oil Change family," the statement says. "That will be a night of celebration. Drinks on us!"

To get a behind-the-scenes look at these sponsorships, check out this profile piece featuring Smithley and Victory Lane.

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