This Week's Top Advanced Vehicle Design News

Aug. 12, 2020

From new repair manuals to a unique independent shop, ADAPT takes it back to the repair bays this week.

Aug. 12, 2020—This week, ADAPT brings you two stories about repair opportunities as part of the newest generation of vehicles, as well as two stories about a group who decided to strike it out on their own with a tech-focused, independent EV repair shop.

Hyundai Late to Service Manual Debuts

Better late than never for Hyundai as the company's long-awaited repair manuals are released. Get the information on how one group pushed for their publication, as well as what models are covered.

Why Thermal Management Presents a Big EV Repair Opportunity

Think of it as a coolant system, but it's so much different in hybrids and battery EVs. Here's a primer on the different types of cooling systems and how repair and maintenance shops might be poised to service them.

How Chris Salvo Outgrew Tesla Inc.

In the first installment of this series on Electric Garage, Chris Salvo talks about working with BMW and Tesla before going out on his own to help launch the New Hampshire-based independent repair and tuning shop.

Electric Garage: The Road Less Traveled

In part two, Chad Hrencecin talks about his techy history in the automotive business and how it contributes to the mission at Electrified Garage.

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