This Week's Top Advanced Vehicle Design News

June 24, 2020

From long-term industry changes to small details that technicians face, ADAPT has you covered in tech topics.

June 24, 2020—From long-term industry changes to small details that technicians face, ADAPT has you covered in tech topics.

UK Insurer Calls for ADAS Failure Warning Signal

One glaring blind spot in ADAS development is the lack of warning signals when the system malfunctions. Overseas, one insurer is calling for an indicator that could help occupants more safely identify issues.

How Telematics Evolved to be Factory Standard

On the long-term scale, telematics is a new iteration of technologies like the OBD-II port. Now it's a wireless frontier. Read up on the history of this technology and how companies are managing the data.

Why Big Changes in Vehicle Design Happen More Often

As the source in this story put it, software updates allow for vehicles to have new capabilities with each model year. That wasn't always the case. To understand how vehicles are evolving more rapidly, you must realize this key change in tech.

CCC: Documenting Proper ADAS Calibrations is Critical

As shops get more proficient in ADAS calibration, they're writing the procedures of proper repair in many cases. Read why documentation is critical for the benefit of both the shop and the customer.

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