This Week's Top Advanced Vehicle Design News

June 17, 2020

From OE redesigns and engine technology to battery cycling and the promise of self-driving vehicles, ADAPT has some of the major topics in transportation covered in recent articles.

June 17, 2020—Recent coverage in ADAPT is all about crucial information that repairers need when working on the latest vehicles.

Webinar Covers Battery Health

How does the local temperature affect vehicle battery charge? What data is needed to optimize battery cycling? These questions and more were answered in a recent webinar that an ADAPT staff writer covered. The event provided great insight into a part that's becoming one of the most expensive pieces in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Acura Unveils ‘Most Ambitious’ Sedan Redesign

As part of a goal to bring readers more news about upcoming models and redesigns, ADAPT has this report on a major facelift that's coming to an Acura sedan. Get the latest on chassis changes and a new airbag technology that's being developed by Honda.

Where Are All the Self-Driving Cars?

This is a fair question, given all the hype that's surrounded autonomous vehicle technology. Some companies predicted that their self-driving vehicles would hit the streets en masse by this year, but that hasn't happened. 

Nevertheless, development is still moving ahead at pace. Read this handy roundup of where the technology stands today and how companies are rethinking the transportation experience.

Past, Present and Future of GDI Technology

One of the biggest changes to engine design quietly became almost the norm in recent years. Gasoline direct injection technology was created to help boost efficiency, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Learn how this technology rose to prominence in this article.