This Week in Advanced Vehicle Technology News

April 28, 2020
While electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle companies find solutions to work remotely during the coronavirus this week, ADAPT explored how shops can use car data effectively.

April 29, 2020—This week, ADAPT discovered that the COVID-19 virus outbreak is causing automotive engineers, autonomous vehicle companies and electric car manufacturers to rethink their business operations. ADAPT is a digital-only brand reporting on how advanced vehicle technology affects the automotive aftermarket industry, and specifically vehicle repairs, maintenance, and diagnostics.

Recently,Julian Thomson, Jaguar's director of design, shares with Ars Technica how the coronavirus pandemic has affected vehicle design

Despite its fleet being parked during the coronavirus, Waymo is focusing on running simulations for its autonomous vehicles. 

Karma Automotive also made progress during this time. It launched the Karma High-Performance E-Flex Platform, which features a flat-floor battery for weight distribution.


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