Take 5 Adds Fla. Location

April 21, 2020

The new Take 5 location will be in Lynn Have, Fla., adding to the company's over-500 stores nationwide, amid setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

April 21, 2020—Take 5 Oil Change has plans to add another location in Lynn Haven, Fla., reports the Panama City News Herald.

According to the report, the Lynn Haven City Council approved the development of the shop at last Tuesday's city council meeting. The new shop will take over a vacant lot next to a Whataburger.

As Take 5 finished off 2019 with 516 franchised and company-owned locations and plans to add more stores in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic led to some setbacks. Recently, the company was forced to issue layoffs. In an email, President Danny Rivera said to employees that he had to make the "most difficult decision" of his career by laying off more than half of employees at company-owned shops. The decision at Take 5 comes amid sales and car counts that Rivera said "declined drastically" in recent weeks.